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Featured Donation Stories


People competed for AJ's bagels

AJ hosted a phone bank organizing climate action where the winner received none other than his own homemade half dozen bagels. Thousands of calls later the most successful caller is pictured above about to enjoy her well deserved reward. 


Rusty gave his half dozen to the Ludlow Health Center Nurses

After trying the kit out on a whim, Rusty was thrilled with both how they came out and how they were received. "They were so delicious, and folks liked them so much! Now I want to order a bunch more kits." And he has. Since then, Rusty has purchased over a dozen kits, sharing them with friends and family across the community.  

Richard Johnson.jpeg

Richard chipped in by bringing bagels to Canaan

After being introduced to the concept by a friend over lunch, Richard decided to give a kit a try. "They came out great so I decided I would share them" and for Richard that meant bringing them to the hardworking staff at Canaan Elementary in Canaan, NH.  "I knew the staff has been extremely stressed with keeping the kids safe and learning.  I figured they would enjoy a thank you." And they did! 


Jeannie took her half Dozen on a Quest

After learning the homeless shelter was closed that day, Jeannie then journeyed around town looking for a worthy do-gooder in need of bagels. That's when she saw town construction workers hard at work filling potholes.

Beverly gave some Intensive Care to her local ICU

After treating her husband for a sodium drop, Beverly gave her six bagels away to her local ICU members.

Nonnie Pic (for now)_edited.png
Carol Ahern Pic 2_edited.jpg

Carol donated hers to the Upper Valley Haven

After making her half dozen on a hot, spring day Carol delivered her kit to the Upper Valley Haven. 


Kristin gave her Bagels to the Fire Department

After making a kit with her daughter, Kristin brought her bagels with her to the city. She then gave them to her local fire department where they received a hearty welcome.

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