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Donation Stories so Far 2

People competed for AJ's bagels


AJ hosted a phone bank organizing climate action where the winner received none other than his own homemade half dozen bagels. Thousands of calls later the most successful caller is pictured above about to enjoy her well deserved reward. 

Kristin gave her bagels to a firefighter 


After making a kit with her daughter, Kristin brought her bagels with her to the city. She then gave them to her local fire department where they received a hearty welcome.

Jeannie and her bagels went on a Quest


After initially planning on bringing her half dozen to a local homeless shelter -- that was closed that day -- Jeannie then journeyed around town looking for a worthy agent to give her half dozen to. That's when she saw the town's construction workers hard at work filling potholes. She gave her bagels and they were very well received.

Beverly gave some intensive care to her local ICU

Nonnie Pic (for now)_edited.png

Beverly described her bagels as "airy, chewy, and "deliciously sour." She ended up giving away her six to ICU members in her town in Maine as thank you for taking care of her husband during a recent ailment.

Carol donated them to a local family

Carol Ahern Pic 2_edited.jpg

In this phase, we're creating the poolish. A poolish is a French pre-ferment that adds flavor, rise, and complexity to your final product and is an essential part of any great bread.

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