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For yourself or a friend!

Watch video instructions

We do fundraisers!

Welcome. Looking to buy a kit? Click above. Have a kit and getting ready to roll? Click 'Bake a Batch' and watch me demonstrate. My favorite button? Probably 'Raise some Dough.' I'm so proud to be helping students and parents raise money for the Ukraine, Proms, Food shelves, Black Youth Project, etc.

Looking to learn more? Watch the video to the left or click any of the links to press coverage below. 

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Some successful fundraisers so far

$1,100 for the Black Youth Project.jpg
Class Committee Photo.jpg
Screenshot (109).png

"The kit was a pleasure. I would happily do it again.”

                               - Roxanne


“So good!!! Would 100% recommend.

No mess and amazing bagels.”

                                                           - George

“Yummy weekend activity with my seventh grader!”

                                                           - Rory

As seen at:

Hanover area farmers market v2.png
Leo Photo at Farmer's Market.jpg
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